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Located in the nations capital, The CPS offers competitive speedball at an affordable price.

CPS Game Formats

Our competitive formats include all skill ranges so anyone can play regardless of their experience, age, or size.

Division 6

Division 6 is designed to cater towards players taking their first dip into the world of tournament paintball.

Division 5

Division 5 provides allows players to ease into split deck speedball matches

Division 4

Division 4 allows players to push the envelope and transition into higher paced speedball matches.


Enabling you to to push your teams limits.


Sponsorship Programs

The CPS connects you with Canadian and domestic sponsorship programs, all you need to do is ask!


free coaching

Join Corey on Sundays for free coaching on the practice field, breaking down fundamentals and building on core strengths.


Membership pricing

Your CPS player ID acts as a speedball membership at Commando, providing a 10$ discount/box of 2000 paintballs only $50 during the CPS season.


Top notch Referee staff

All Referee staff and off field staff undergo rigorous online and on field training prior to all CPS events. Referee Staff are trained by NXL Pro field referee's.

Bringing Vendors to you!

The CPS hosts multiple vendors at all seasons events, tending to your soft goods and equipment needs.


All matches played on the Red/Blue CPS field are live streamed for your friends and family to enjoy from home.

“A league created for players, by players. A lot of work goes into making the events professional, and the league as a whole is absolutely amazing. Thank you for having us this year, we will definitely be back to see what’s in store for us in 2023”


// Unleashed

“I think CPS is great because of the people that make up the league. From the field owner, to management, to players and friends. Ottawa paintball is made up of good people and that’s what I love most”

Connor MacAskill

// Saints